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How to Become a Winner

 We are a Sports Punting Club and we provide tips and analysis on sport for our members. We provide members with our daily stake best bet, Punting Pyramid challenge and Multi Triple Challenge. Members are able to chat and analyze the games amongst themselves through the Facebook page. We also run free tipping competitions with big prizes up for grabs. Another aspect of our service is we analyse and review all the other major tipping services so we can show you how all the services compare.

We offer a simple $50 per month subscription to best suit your needs. However Before signing up here is a little bit of info on the club & the sign up process to make things a little easier to understand regarding how the club operates.


How much is membership and how long does it last?

Membership to our full service is just $50 a month and last a 31 day cycle from the day you join. This is super cheap compared to alot of competitors who charge $100-$300 a month for a lesser service. You get over $1000 worth of memberships in the one membership here at Pineapple Punters Club. Sign up can be done here.

Do you have a free trial? Can I try some tips before I pay to become a member?

You sure can! We post free tips everyday, make sure you register for our free email list which receives tips everyday! Other wise check our Sports Tips here, Racing Tips here or our Tennis Tycoon Tips here. 

What is included in the Club Membership?

You get access to all our of members only sport & racing tips which we post everyday. 7 days a week you will receive profitable Sporting tips with racing featuring more heavily on weekends. You receive bonus bets upon signing up making your membership virtually free. We provide members with Bankroll management advice. We run fun free competitions weekly with cash and bonus bet prizes. We also provide our members in insight into how the other major tipping services are going. Show you their true profit/loss and provide a weekly spreadsheet of results. We highlight weekly arbitrary bets and risk free winnings opportunities to make 100% risk free money. And lastly we provide 24/7 customer support to members, even to help them with their own personal bets if they want advice.

Is there a way I can use some bonus bets to start with on your tips instead of my own money?

There sure is! Simply use the offers available on our Bonus Bets Page here. They are available to ANYONE who wants to create a new bookie account.

What is a “Stake” or “Unit”?

A “Stake” or “Unit” is equivalent to 1-5% of your bankroll. The reason a stake or unit is used when suggesting a bet is because we cannot assume that everyone has a bankroll of $1000 to start with and is ready to place a $50 bet. Some bet $10 a bet whilst others bet thousands. Everyone is different and so we used this method to accommodate all. The higher stake or unit suggested on a bet signifies the confidence level of that tip.

What is “Challenge” or “Level” betting?

A “Challenge” or “Level” bet is a method of betting in which you start with a nominated stake and try to win as many bets in a row as possible. The aim of the system to win the first bet, then roll all the winnings onto the next bet and continue on til you either lose or cash out and start again.
Example is you start with $100 and turn it into $180 on the first bet. You proceed to place the whole $180 onto the next bet in hope of turning into a bigger amount and continue so and so. Suppose you each $500 and you lose the next bet, you have only technically lost $100.

This method is highly risky but very rewarding.  The challenging part is trying to win bets consecutively. The rewarding part is if you get achieve 3-4 bets at decent odds, you would have turned that $100 to almost a $1000.

I just subscribed and there are 2 Groups to join? Why?

The benefit of subscribing to Pineapple Punting Club is that added benefit of being able to access tips from other major tipping services.

In Mr Pineapple’s Punting Club Group, Jack’s official tips are posted by himself alongside affiliated tipsters such as Tom Tenisia and MLB Boss.

In The Bond Boys $ Pineapple Punters Group, we review other major tipping services, allowing you to see what’s behind the curtains and thus giving you the edge in placing your next bet.

Where can I see your review of the other major tipping services compared to your service?

You can read our reviews of our results and other tipping services here. 

There are several tips being posted and some are contradicting others between the 2 groups, why?

Not all tipping services or tipsters may agree on the same bet and that may confuse many. At Pineapple we understand that and so we have tried to make it easy for everyone to know which service or tipster is best following. We upload at least once a WEEK, a spreadsheet which illustrates how the services/tipster have been going. The spreadsheet contains vital information such as their overall profit since the tracking began, the current week progress, last week’s progress and even Return of Investment for the week. It is important to understand that some services/tipsters get Hot at times and Cold at others. The spreadsheet allows you to see which one has been performing recently well and thus follow.

It’s gambling at the end of the day, it’s just luck, right?

Definitely wrong! We don’t look at it like it’s a game of luck. Sports betting is like every other investment you make in your life.

Is property investment gambling? No ! A successful property investor does the right research and chooses the right market and time to invest in a property he believes is fit to grow in capital and/or produce good yield. That is exactly the same with sports betting. We treat it as an investment and look to finding the right game, market and time to invest confidently in.

Why should I trust you? How do I know that you are not a scam?

Look around you, the website, content, consistent updates and offcourse our customer feedback on our page. If we are a scam, we wouldn’t have over 250 subscribed and satisfied members. We are also a registered Australian business and handle subscriptions via Paypal to accurately abide by the ATO regulations. We are not promising you that you will turn $50 into 50K in a week! We are simply trying to help you win more than you lose and overall profit whilst having fun doing it at the same time.

Why the name “Pineapple”?

Our membership is $50 and an Australian $50 note is called a ‘Pineapple’, we also start our challenges with just a $50 (pineapple). We also love Pineapples!

Common Betting Terminology

  • Bankroll : How much money you have to play with
  • Stake/Unit: 1-5% of Bankroll
  • Multi/Parlay: A bet in which 2 or more selections on 2 or more events is placed.
  • Push/Void: Money Back – The bet amount/stake is refunded.
  • Line/Handicap: Line betting is when you bet on who will win the match, taking into account a nominated plus or minus handicap. Example: Cleveland Cavaliers -2.5 vs Golden State Warriors +2.5. Cleveland Cavaliers -2.5 means that they must win by 3 points or more. Golden State Cavaliers means that they EITHER win or lose by 2 points or less.
  • Hedging: Placing an opposing bet to your initial one due to a favourable shift in the odds. This often enables the punter to lock in a profit regardless of the result.
  • Arbitrage (Arb): A method used to guarantee profits by utilising different bookmaker’s odds. Example Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors. Bookmaker A odds for Cleveland to win is $2.10. Bookmaker B Golden State Odds to win is $2.10 as well. If you place $100 on each one, you would have invested $200 altogether with a guaranteed return of $210, hence $10 profit. Such Situations can occur.
  • Draw No Bet (DNB): Mainly for Soccer Betting, If your team wins, you win, if the game ends a draw, you get your money back.
  • Double Chance: Similar to Draw No Bet however if the draw occurs, you still win. Hence why the lower odds compared to Draw No Bet.
  • Head to Head: Win
  • Over/Under: A Bet on the total. Over or under the offered amount.
  • Money Line: American Term for “Win”

Horse Betting Specific Terminology

  • Fixed Odds: The odds available that will be locked in once the bet is placed.
  • Tote: A different perspective to fixed odds. The odds are determined AFTER the event is complete. The odds are determined based on the amount and quantity of bets placed on the same outcome, followed by the bookmaker taking a cut off it.
  • Field: All the Horses in the event.
  • Quinella: The first 2 horses to place but not necessarily in the correct order.
  • Exacta: The first 2 horses to place in the correct order
  • Place: The horse to finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.
  • First4: The horses to finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
  • Quaddie: form of betting in which the winners of four nominated races are predicted.
  • Trifecta: The horses to finish 1st, 2nd and 3rd
  • Boxed: In any order
  • Scratched: No longer racing
  • Each Way (E/W): 2 bets in one- win and place. It costs double the nominated amount.
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