AFL Competition Rules

Punters!  Mr Pineapple and his team at Pineapple Punters, have come up with a brand new Tipping competition!

Instead of your usual head to head tipping competition, we are really separating the Punters who have done their homework from the rest.

Our AFL Tippers & Cappers competition sets a handicap line to each match. If you want to back the favourite you’re going to have to give up some points and beat the line.

The line set is to bring the match back to even money by by adding or subtracting points from a teams final score. You will have to do your research on each team to have the best chance of being on the winning side of the line.

Aussie Rules Football

There is no fee to play and you won’t be billed or asked for contributions. If you want to check out past winners and upcoming events go to the competitions page above.

Predicting the matches

Predict the winners in each round of the competition. You have until 15 minutes before the start of a match to add or change your prediction.

The handicap or line set works by adding or subtracting the number from the teams final score. For example if the match was

HAWTHORN -40 v CARLTON + 40                  RESULT            HAW 100 def CAR 80      HAW win by 20    CARLTON +40 wins

At the completion of a round, the next round will become available for registration the following day.

The bonus questions

Each round we will assign a tie break question. This will be an exact points margin on a chosen match each round. This is used in the case of a tie for 1st place. The Punter who was closest to the points margin will win.

The scoring

In a normal round there will be 9 AFL matches to tip & cap. Your score will be given out of 9. In the event of a tie for 1st the points margin tie breaker will decide the winner. If this is still a tie the punters will share the prize equally.

Handicap Rule

Each match is assigned a handicap by Mr Pineapple a week before the match is due to begin. The handicap will be added/deducted from the final points score before calculating the winners for each round.

If the match has a handicap it will be notified by a value added/subtracted for the team names in each match.


Each round the prize pool is paid out to the 1st place winner. The prize winner will be notified by email they have won and can then claim their prize.


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